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Is There Medical Insurance Just for Women?

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When it comes to buying health insurance, women in particular face special challenges. Women utilize more medical services than men due in part to:

  • Longer life expectancies
  • The need for reproductive care
  • A greater likelihood of chronic disease and disability

Women take the major responsibility for coordinating care for family members, they pay higher annual health care expenses and are more likely to face inconsistent insurance coverage compared to men.

To celebrate women during Women’s Month, AsterioFEM recognises that women have special qualities and specific vulnerabilities.

Life makes many demands on women, whether you are part of a family unit, or take care of yourself and your children independently. Therefore you stand to benefit from this policy (linked to url) that gives you peace of mind and eases financial pressure.

What does AsterioFem do differently?

  • R 1 000 to per year at a reputable beauty salon as member of AsterioFEM, because you are special
  • You can add your spouse or children to the general, extensive medical insurance plan
  • During pregnancy, AsterioFem provides R10 000 to take care of all your essential medical needs, including gynaecologist and specialist visits, blood tests, sonars and screening
  • We make provision for Contraception Medication to the value of R1800 per year for women who want to take preventative measures against falling pregnant
  • We provide for supplementary Vitamins’ during pregnancy to the maximum of R2,000
  • We offer roadside assistance if your car breaks down – someone will be sent to you for support, and if need be, tow your car free
  • We provide handbag compensation valued at R2000,00 if your bag is stolen or lost

View AsterioFem’s offer for women now



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