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Things You Need to Know Before You Buy Medical Insurance

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Whether you’re selecting a Medical Insurance plan at work, or purchasing one on your own, wading through health insurance plans can be quite intimidating since the terminology is often unfamiliar, confusing, and the stakes are high. Without health insurance, you might not have access to many non-emergency services, an emergency like getting hit by the proverbial bus can land you deep in debt.

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Your doctor may not be covered

If you want to keep your current doctor, check to see that they’re covered by any insurance plans you’re considering.

The lowest premium plan may not be the cheapest overall

The tendency can be to just look at the monthly premium, but that could be the least of your costs. Plans with lower monthly costs generally make it up in other ways.

Medical Aids force you to make use of doctors that are contracted in

Do you need that in your life?

Don’t necessarily avoid high-deductible plans though

You don’t want to err on the other side either. The idea of having to potentially shell out thousands of Rands out of pocket can be frightening, especially if you’re used to comprehensive plans with low or no deductibles, but it can also save you a lot of money if you remain in good health and have the savings to cover those expenses.

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider when picking a health care plan. First, start by looking at your employer’s plan (if applicable) as well as options on the individual market. Second, narrow your search by limiting your choices to the ones that include your doctor, your prescription medications, and the services you want. You can then decide which has the mix of premiums and potential out-of-pocket expenses that you’re most comfortable with based on your budget and assets. Hopefully, this process will leave you a bit more healthy, wealthy, and wise.

Asterio is way ahead

If you compare Asteriofem’s benefits with medical aid benefits, AsterioFem’s premium of R 1 275 offers way more than just in a hospital plan from a medical aid at a comparative price.

What does AsterioFem do differently?

  • You can add your spouse or children to the general, extensive medical insurance plan
  • During pregnancy, Asterio provides R10 000 to take care of all your essential medical needs, including gynaecologist and specialist visits, blood tests, sonars and screening
  • We make provision for Contraception medication to the value of R1800 per year for women who want to take preventative measures against falling pregnant
  • We provide for supplementary Vitamins’ during pregnancy to the maximum of R2,000
  • We offer roadside assistance if your car breaks down – someone will be sent to you for support, and if need be, tow your car free
  • We provide handbag compensation valued at R2000,00 if your bag is stolen or lost

View AsterioFem’s offer for women now

AsterioFem medical insurance

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