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What Do Men Find Sexy?

what men find sexy

It is a question many women ask: what do men find sexy? The thing about attraction is that what one person finds appealing, another may not, so it is hard to pinpoint what exactly defines sexiness. Here is a list of six things that men find sexy in a woman.

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 1. Scent of a Woman

It is the most primal of senses, smell has the ability to evoke so many emotions and alert other senses. The reason why men find the scent of a woman so sexy is because whenever he smells your scent, be it your perfume or your “natural smell” in any situation, he will always think about you.

 2. Natural Beauty

Getting your makeup done and putting in a lot effort into the way you look is greatly appreciated by men, but many say that they find women most sexy when they are dressed down and makeup free. Now, we know that some women are not comfortable without their makeup done, but not to worry, instead of applying heavy makeup opt for lighter makeup for a more natural look. Let your inner beauty, flaws and all, define who you are.

 3. A Woman’s Voice

A woman’s voice is extremely sexy, especially when she speaks as a grown woman and not a creepy sexy-baby. Women talking in a mature voice, light in tone without being squeaky, is completely alluring to men. Of course, a French accent would help!

 4. Confidence

Men love a confident woman. Your confidence shows that you are completely comfortable and happy with yourself and you love the way you look. If you feel, walk and act sexy regardless of what other people may think of you, that is how you will be perceived. Having confidence also shows that you are open to flirtation and men will be more willing to approach in conversation.

 5. Your Style

The way you dress is an easy and obvious way to catch men’s attention. Men notice your sense of style and depending on their tastes, they will find a type of woman who looks sexy to them based on the clothes she wears. This means that you do not have to dress in skimpy clothes to receive attention from men, you just need to stick to your preferred style and the right guy will take notice.

 6. Sense of Adventure

A woman who is willing to explore and try new activities, foods, hobbies, or destinations is sexy to some men. If you are willing to get out your comfort zone and try things he wants to do, it shows that you are a fair person who is not only interested in doing things that you want.

These are just a few things men might find sexy. If you want to know what they truly think, simply ask and you will be surprised by the responses you may get!

 Written by Busi Nhlapo

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