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How Do Men Really Feel About Cellulite?

What do men think about cellulite

Cottage cheese legs, dimpled thighs, wherever you see it and whatever you call it, cellulite is a concern many women fret about. Even though cellulite is something all women have, it has been made to be seen as some disease or flaw that makes you less attractive. How do men really feel about cellulite?

The answer to that is… you should not care about what they think of it.

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We have been fooled into thinking that cellulite equates to unattractiveness or being overweight when even the world’s supermodels will have a small dose of the orange peel skin. So, what do many women around the world do? They go and spend their hard earned money on products that promise the reduction of cellulite or go and have procedures done to remove fat to achieve smooth cellulite free legs. Is all the effort really worth it? For what do we do it? For whom do we do it? For “men”.

No One Is Perfect

Look, there is no getting away from this, cellulite does not look good, but that does not make you any less beautiful. Everyone has imperfections and that is what makes us unique, so having cellulite is no big deal.

What Do You Feel About Cellulite?

In all honesty, we have a bigger problem with cellulite than men do. Women are very critical of themselves and of others. We tend to project our views on what beauty standards are onto what we think men think of us. If you believe that, you need a perfectly toned bikini body with almost zero percent fat to be accepted as beautiful. You would be wrong.

Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

If you want to know what men think about cellulite, ask any man you know and you will find that most of them don’t care. Most will not even notice, so stop worrying about it. However, if you do find yourself a guy that does find cellulite offensive and makes you uncomfortable about it, there may be a few things you should consider about your relationship.

Self-confidence and self-love play a large part in how you display yourself being beautiful. You should not chase an impossible ideal of how a woman’s body should look like. As long as you are healthy and happy with yourself, men will really not feel anything about your bit of cellulite.

Written by Busi Nhlapo

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