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Are Men and Women Really That Different?


Women are not the ‘holier than thou’ image that they have been persisted on being. Cultural norms would have it that women are “pure” of thought and deed – and men?

“Men are from Earth, women are from Earth. Deal with it.” George Carlin

Well men are often portrayed to be philandering animals that have a right to be so due to their biological makeup. Not any more! Women feel increasingly comfortable to explore their sexuality without the guilty connotations that have been around for decades. So are men and women really that different to one another? Research shows some surprising realities as to the differences between men and women.

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Enjoyment of Porn

It is a perplexing thought that women may equally enjoy watching porn compared to men. A recent study concluded that one out of every three adults browsing through porn sites are women. What is the major difference between men and women regarding porn? Women do not like to pay for porn according to a study conducted by neuroscientists.

A blatant piece of proof of the above is the cultural phenomenon caused by the series of 50 Shades of Grey. For perhaps the first time ever women were given the opportunity to accept their deep sexual desires regardless of how arbitrary they may seem. The context of porn that men and women enjoy may not be the same. But the fact remains women can enjoy porn just as much as men do.

The Chemical “High”

Study after study shows that men get a chemical “high” when they see an attractive woman. What about women? Women may not drop everything they are doing in order to scope out an attractive man passing by, but this marvel of the human desire works differently. Yes women will have a good look at an attractive man. But women are said to be more open to mental chemistry and this may be what gives them a chemical “high” towards the opposite sex.

Women will therefore pay closer attention to someone she might feel drawn to as opposed to a random man walking pass. This feeling might also be way more intense than that of a visually pleasing image that men get a “high” from.

The bottom line is that women too find pleasure in the lure of other men. The difference is it may be more than just visual.

Women are emotionally needy

Not even close! Acceptance, desire, security, passion and love are some of the things a woman wants in a relationship without a doubt. This is universal – this is what human beings want in a relationship. It is bizarre to think a man can do without these emotions and feelings in a steady relationship. So women are not needy. They are human needs. Men and women feel happier in a relationship if they have access to all these emotions positively.

There are differences between men and women. No doubt. But it would seem that some past cultural truths are fading out and proving that in certain ways men and women are not that different after all.

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