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Women Want Midlife-Crisis Cars Too!

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While men are most commonly known to buy themselves midlife -crisis cars, it turns out that women too want midlife -crisis cars!

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According to research done earlier this year, it was found that women too have a penchant for pricey cars when they hit that midlife- crisis. From the survey conducted by global research specialist Ipsos, one in four people confessed to being likely to buying a midlife-crisis car. 21% of women and 30 % of men said that they would most likely buy an exotic car due to a midlife-crisis.


High Heels

There are many variations of car types that women will want, but a popular choice is the “high heel” wheels. Driving an SUV or crossover SUV is a known to be a favourite car type of women of all ages so, it is no surprise that once women reach the age of “midlife” it would top the list.

Sleek And Sexy

Women also like sports cars just as men do, but it needs to be small and practical. Also women love midlife- crisis cars that are red. According to the study, men found black to be a young colour whereas women preferred red as the colour that appeared to be more youthful.

So ladies, here’s the thing, don’t be ashamed if you feel that midlife crisis feeling slowly creeping in. If you feel that you need (want) a new car to deal with your midlife- crisis, go ahead and buy yourself one. Drive what will make you happy, you deserve it!

Written by Busi Nhlapo

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