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Mind Tricks That Melt the Kilos

Mind Tricks Melt Kilos

Losing weight can seem like the hardest thing to do. The more you try, the more it seems like the weight just sticks. There is no doubt that exercise and a healthy diet are the keys to weight loss, but what if there were also ways to lose weight by teaching your brain to want less food? Here are a 5 ways to trick your mind into melting the kilos.

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1. Light up the room

The key to losing weight may just be in the lighting of your rooms. The next time that you have supper, do it in a well lit room. There is a reason that you feel more relaxed and uninhibited when you are in a room with low lighting: think about how romantic dinners are always by candlelight, whereas energising meals such as breakfast are in the bright of day. The more light there is in a room the more you will be aware of how much you are eating.

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