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Mistakes Women Make that Lead to Career Suicide

career suicide

Mistakes can be costly and permanently damage your reputation in the business arena. They are an inevitable part of life and business, but with experience you can avoid them. The longer you are in business, hopefully, the fewer mistakes you will make. Below you will find are some of the worst mistakes women make in their careers:

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1. Lacking Confidence

Show a lack of confidence in yourself and your abilities and you may be passed up for profitable opportunities. Women who minimize their accomplishments, constantly apologize, and remain silent in meetings or presentations are going to fail. A lack of confidence, even if you are competent, is like a time bomb and will eventually sabotage your business career. Coaching will give you new confidence and will skyrocket your career

It’s essential to believe in your abilities and have confidence so that you can succeed in business. One way to help you get there is to use affirmations several times each day (for at least 21 days) to overcome self-defeating behaviors and habits. Don’t expect someone else to tell you that you can do it. Instead, follow your passion for your greatest success.



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