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6 Smart Ways to Make Your Money Go Twice as Far


It should not be hard to save and make your money last the month, but if you have any issue with saving money, we have 6 smart ways to help make your money go twice as far.Related article:   5 Simple Steps to Saving Money

 1. Budget

Budgeting is the foundations of making your money go further. A monthly budget is a smart way to help you plan for your future, organise your finances and set your mind at ease knowing that you are able to spend your money responsibly.

2. Track your expenses

It may seem obvious to monitor expenses, but many people are just not aware of how much money they spend each month. When you take time to budget and track your expenses properly, you can get a good overview of where your money goes and what you are spending it on.

3. Learn to save

Look for bargains, make thoughtful purchases, and be smart about how you choose to spend your hard earned cash. Often people make money mistakes that land them in financial ruin, but that can be fixed by learning how to be cash smart. Saving is something you should make a priority always. The money you save will help you in times of need, assist in making meaningful substantial purchases, and increase your income.

4. Don’t use your credit card unnecessarily

The easiest way to make your money go further is to stop unnecessary spending. If you have a credit card, try only to use it in emergencies. If you want your money to go twice as far, try using withdrawing a set amount of cash and buy using cash instead of whipping out your card with every purchase.

5. Make small changes

Like with all things in life, when you want to make changes, complete a task or reach a goal, you need to do it in small steps. Do not put yourself under pressure to save and make drastic financial decisions because you feel you need to, make small changes to the way you spend and save your money. You will soon find that your money will begin to go further.

6. Be disciplined

There is no other way to reach your goals successfully but with discipline. The main reason many people have money problems is because they are irresponsible with their money. You need to stick to a plan each month and try your best not to get distracted by things that add no value.

Making your money go further is not hard to do, these 6 steps show you easy and practical ways to practice smarter spending that will guarantee your money lasting twice as long.

Written by Busi Nhlapo

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