Monique Rissen-Harrisberg

Monique Rissen-Harrisberg, author of Make Yourself Heard –  How to Talk, Act and Dress Your Way to Success, comments: ‘We all have what it takes to be remarkable human beings but sometimes we need a little help to harness our best traits and present them for the world to see.

Through doing this, you will achieve the success you deserve, whatever your dreams and aspirations, they can come true’.

As a woman, you are a powerful package and there are many elements that form this saleable uniqueness of you. These include your thought processes, emotions, voice, image and your attitude to dressing.  In order to harness all these amazing aspects of yourself to form one formidable power-package, they need to be acknowledged by you first, before anyone else will recognise your true abilities.

Monique shares her 10 most important tips for those wanting to improve the power package of you!

Write down your dreams and goals: You need to make time to dream and think big. Visualise where you want to be in 10 years time and then move back to 5 year’s time. Then set specific short-term strategies and actions to get there.

Realise that you are running out of time: Time is an extremely precious commodity. Some people live by the maxim ‘there’s always a tomorrow’, but the truth is that there isn’t always a tomorrow and our lives could be cut short.

Successful women always see the bright side of life: They are positive and feel they can overcome any challenges. They have an innate belief that they can find a solution to issues and that they can achieve their goals and aspirations. They have a ‘can-do’ attitude and expect good results.

Word of mouth is very powerful: If we lack integrity in our business dealings, this is sure to have an effect on our businesses. Trust is critical in business and the moment that trust is broken, the relationship is damaged. Remember that an unhappy client can undo months of building a reputation.

Be creative and innovative: In essence, creative women need to celebrate their uniqueness and be comfortable with being different from the norm.

Never stop educating and developing yourself: Successful women invest in themselves and continually learn new things. The more you learn, the more you realise how much you don’t know, thus your potential for further growth and knowledge increases.

Be resilient: Pick yourself up quickly and with more drive and energy than you had before. When the going gets tough, the tough get tougher.
Trust yourself and your instincts: Listen to other people’s opinion and advice, but do your own research and have the courage to make your own decisions.

Use daily affirmations that work for you: Repeat words like ‘I can’ and ‘I will’.
‘If you do some or all of the above, you will have an easier and successful life. Don’t delay, your time is now! Unleash yourself on the world and make your life happen. You have the power’, concludes Rissen-Harrisberg

Make Yourself Heard: how to talk, act and dress your way to success by Monique Rissen-Harrisberg is available from all good bookstores and websites with a RSP of R150.

Monique, we salute you!

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