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10 of the Most Stylish Rooms We Love

most stylish rooms


We greatly admire all of the homes we featured in this year — but readers’ favorites stood out among the pack. Here are the most stylish rooms we saw in 2017

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A regal Library:

For those of you lucky enough to have your own personal library or reading area, this is a stylish room for you. With warm browns and deep blues and purples that won’t date any time soon.

stylish rooms Library


A Feminine living room

For all our inner girls, this stylish room will make your heart sing. Pastel pinks, creams and greens compliment each other and create a brightening effect in this room and while it is actually small the bright colours and window light really help to open up the space. Fresh flowers are a must this spring!

most stylish rooms living room


A Boldly blue kitchen

More and more we are seeing people step away from the traditional colours and textures and opt for bolder colours. That’s why this blue and bleached wood kitchen takes the top in our stylish rooms list for the best kitchen. Pairing the bleached wood and blue helps to create a line to draw your eyes along the counters and into the kitchen.

stylish kitchen


A Fireside tub

Um… Yes please! Make your bathroom truly your relaxation zone. Never fear the cold air when you get out of the bath by heating up the room with a fireplace. Create ambiance and a feature peace that is functional to boot!

most stylish rooms bathroom


A Happy lounge

Don’t be scared to go colder in your lounge aesthetic. Having light wall and a darker roof and help draw the roof up and open up the space. Brighten up the room with some bold and bright accessories.

stylish rooms Lounge


A Dramatic dining room

For our Most Stylish Dinning room we loved this room. With a room like this who wants to plonk down in front of the tv on a couch. Gather your friends and family and wow them with your eating area.

most stylish rooms dinning room


A Striped bedroom

Nordical themes don’t have to only be used in beach houses. Or even in a seaside theme for that matter. Extend the walls feel but having stripes down the walls.

most stylish rooms bedroom


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