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Mother’s Day: 5 Do it Yourself Gifts

mothers day gifts

It’s always a little tricky with deciding exactly what to get for mum on this special day… most of the time when you ask, she’ll tell you that she has everything. However a gift with more meaning and value to her will always be the one which you made for her yourself. Here are 5 Do it yourself gifts for you to try out this Mother’s Day!

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Cardstock photoframe

mothers day gifts

This is one of the sweetest gifts any child could give to their mother: it showcases the memories that have been shared and how much you’ve both grown with time. For this amazing gift idea all you will need a box, the colour paint of your choice and some decorative flowers. Start off by painting the entire box then letting it dry. Cut picture sized holes or squares in your cardstock and hold them together with pins and add your favorite photos or most cherished memories. If you’d like, feel free to decorate the top to make it seem less hollow by adding some flowers to fill it up.


Wall art

mothers day gifts

Get your interior designer cap on and take your first leap at attempting one if the best decorative accessories one can make! Wall art is a great way to represent your appreciation, the cool part is you get to decide exactly what you want to make and how big or small. All you need is a flat piece of wood, some yarn/string and small nails. Just use the nails to outline the string art you want to make and get going!



Wrapping up

mothers day gifts

Although this may seem a little cliché as a Mother’s day gift, its sure to do the trick once some creativity is added to the mix. Make your own DIY vase to put your mom’s favorite flowers in. All you need is an old empty glass bottle and some colorful yarn. Make it more interesting by using your   mom’s favorite color of yarn. Now use the yarn to start wrapping it around the glass bottle, when you’re done, add some finishing touches by adding the flowers and you are good to go!

Glowing words jar

This is a beautiful idea, here’s how it works. Get an old Mason jar or buy one and fill it with glow sticks at the center. Then around the glow sticks add paper with words scribbles on such as “love, Courage, Wisdom” etc., all the words that you believe your mother embodies and write her name on the lid indicating that she is all those things.

DIY “Worlds best Mom” T-Shirt

mothers day gifts

Another cliché item, yes every child at one point in their life have bought their dads a T-shit like this… but have you ever done it for your mom? If no then this is the perfect opportunity for you to MAKE her one! It’s quite easy, buy a plain white Tee and either stich on the words or have it printed in her favourite color and add other elements to it to personalize the tee to fit her perfectly. She’ll love this and appreciate it much more than you think, definitely a gift worth boasting about!

It’s time to give her something you made with love and care. Think you could pull off any of the above? Don’t be shy and give it a try! It helps you save a buck and also allows your creative juices to start flowing while giving your Mom the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Enjoy!

Written by Alesha George

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