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How to Motivate Lazy/Unproductive Employees

Motivate unproductive workers

As an employer you’ve probably encountered a lazy worker or two every now and again. So here are a few tips to help you motivate those unproductive employees.  How to Motivate Lazy/Unproductive Employees.
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1. Rewards for goals reached

It’s part of human nature to enjoy a challenge. So giving your employees a challenge or set of goals that they will be rewarded for once completed, can help motivate them. If you can, set up incentives such as bonuses, promotions or privileges and dangle them in front of your employees.

If you can’t reward you’re employees with raises, why not use performance based bonuses or profit sharing plans. You can then put together a list of goals for them, which can be as simple as responding to your emails by midday or completing your filling by the end of the week. Once completed, they should be rewarded immediately after.

2. Give feedback and recognition

People like it when they are recognized for their efforts, the same goes for your employees and their work. On the other hand if they aren’t working as well as they should, you need to give them feedback on why there’s a problem. Whether it’s good or bad, employees need to be given pointers on their performance.

You don’t need to make a big spectacle out of it, you can just acknowledge, criticise or praise their work as you pass their cubicle or in an email. So make sure to check in on them at least once or twice a week to see how things are going.

3. Provide fresh opportunities

One of the reasons why your employee is being unproductive may be because of the lack of opportunities that you give him/her. Some people are capable of achieving great things, but sometimes they are held back because their work is not challenging them to do so.

If you’re a small business owner then you have the opportunity to be more flexible and design jobs that specifically fit your employees. If your business isn’t as flexible, then provide them with projects where they can have the chance to work on something new and to prove themselves.

4. Call them out

If one of your employees is being unproductive, there’s no problem in sitting them down to let them know. Don’t stress, this won’t cause less productivity. The same goes if some of your employees are badmouthing or downplaying. When they are feeling negativity, stagnant or resentment, these feelings can spread easily throughout the office.

So make sure to keep an eye out on what is being said around the office. Then if someone is being negative or unproductive, sit down with them and ask where it’s coming from. Taking the initiative is a better step then sitting down and waiting for their issues to be resolved.

5. Have fun now and again

If you have a large and old company, then some of your employees have probably been around for years. So sometimes the only thing that your employee needs is to have a little fun. Make the workplace a fun place to be at by doing team building exercises such as going to lunch together, paintballing, having a bowling night or even going out for drinks at happy hour.

This will not only help to re-energize your workers, but also make work fun every now and again.

Motivating unproductive workers isn’t always an easy task to do. So next time you see an employee slacking off why not use these tips to get them excited about work again.

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