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How Much Sugar is in That Drink?

Sugar drink

Would you drink 9 teaspoons of sugar dissolved in water? Well if you drink a coke or most other fizzy drinks, that’s the amount of sugar you consume per 330ml serving. And even fruit juice (either 100% or sweetened) contains lots of sugar in it. See the other drinks to avoid:

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We show you the amount of sugar in each drink you consume and how to identify the sugar contents in your drink.

Different sugars

There are different forms of sugar content in drinks; each may contain one or two of these: Fructose, corn syrup, dextrose, sucrose, honey, cane, molasses or malt syrup. Either way it’s still sugar and poses a threat to your health.

Fizzy drinks

As you may know fizzy drinks are loaded with a lot of sugar content. Coke is filled with up to 9 teaspoons, followed by Fanta grape at just over 8 teaspoons. That much sugar could result in liver clogs and diabetes. And alas!, all the extra sugar your body cannot burn is immediately turned into fat. Fizzy drinks do not provide any form of nutrients (vitamins, minerals or fiber), therefore there really is no point in consuming them. If you crave the fluid, go for soda water and mix it with lime or any piece of fruit you like. We know ginger is good for you, but studies have revealed that some ginger beer drinks contain even more sugar than a regular coke!

Fruit juice

Substituting fizzy drinks with juice is no better. Juice is generally made from highly concentrated sugar content, artificial sweeteners and preservatives. The sugar content in juice may range from 5-7 teaspoons per serving.

Fruit contains fiber which forms a base to the intestine and thus slows the absorption of sugar so the liver is not overloaded. But unlike eating real fruit, most juice blends you buy are heavily processed and there is hardly any fiber in them. However in comparison to fizzy drinks, fruit juice is better, because it contains natural fruit (fructose) and essential vitamins.

Sports drinks

As for sports drinks, some may contain up to 10 teaspoons of sugar on average! These drinks are supposed to make up for what is lost through heavy exercise and sweating. It is advised to drink sports drinks only if you do intense exercises for over an hour, otherwise water is the best option.

Flavored milk

Milk is good for your health up to a point. What about flavored milk drinks? By its nature milk contains lactose which is a natural sugar, but when flavored artificial sweeteners are added, it becomes threatening to your health.

Flavoured water

The average 500ml flavoured water has at least 4 teaspoons of sugar, fructose and concentrated colorings. Drinking this then makes no sense really, rather stick to plain sparkling or still water. Rather than buy the bad stuff, you can easily make your own healthy flavoured water.

Identifying sugar in your drink

Each company manufactures its product differently therefore ingredients and quantity of sugar contents vary with each product. An easy way to calculate how much sugar are in each drink you will need to convert the grams into teaspoons. To do this, divide the grams of sugar by 4. Remember as discussed earlier, sugar comes in different forms so also take into consideration the other different forms sugar in each drink.

So that was the list of what kinds of drinks you should avoid but the question still remains how much sugar is in that drink?

How Much Sugar is in Coke:

355 ml CanSugars, total:                39g590 ml Bottle
Sugars, total:                65g1 Liter Bottle
Sugars, total:                108g
 How much Sugar is in coke

How Much Sugar is in Red Bull:

250 ml Can        
Sugars, total:                27g  how much sugar is in red bull

How Much Sugar is in Vitamin Water:

240 ml Bottle          How Much Sugar is in vitamin water
Sugars, total:                33g

How Much Sugar is in Orange juice:

240 ml Bottle  How Much Sugar is in orange juice
Sugars, total:                24g

How Much Sugar is in Capri Sun

200ml Pouch  How Much Sugar is in capri sun
Sugars, total:                18g

How Much Sugar is in chocolate milk:

240ml Bottle Nesquick  How Much Sugar is in chocolate milk
Sugars, total:                29g



Written by Zizi Silwana

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