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Myths About Entrepreneurship


Being an entrepreneur is fabulous and I wouldn’t trade it for a corporate job, but there are some things aspiring entrepreneurs should know. Here are some of the myths:

1. You’re going to be instantly successful. You are not the next Bill Gates. Sorry, you’re not and I’m not. If you have the idea that you’re going to sit down and create the next Microsoft and be worth billions of dollars in 10 years, it’s probably not going to happen. Is it not good to dream big? No – dream big and go and do it! But there is only one Microsoft and only one Bill Gates in this world.

2. All entrepreneurs have a very flexible work schedule. They only work a few hours a day and have lots of time to relax. My experience is that entrepreneurs seldom have the luxury to stop working at 5 in the afternoon. When you own your own business, you generally put in the extra effort and work the extra hours and to make things happen. If you are not prepared to work some long hours, entrepreneurship is probably not for you.

3. Entrepreneurs take time off when they want. You are the boss, right? In the corporate world can still go out late some week nights and spend weekends with your friends, You won’t do much of that during the 1st and maybe not even the 3rd year of your new business venture.   Most entrepreneurs live, eat and breathe their businesses and relaxing with friends take a secondary role. You quickly learn what is important: generating income!

4. Working from home means you’ll have more time. More time for your relationship or working in the garden, etc. Big mistake! Because you work from home, it’s like you live in this constant state of activity and it sometimes feels as if you never finish anything. While washing the dishes you would come up with a great idea for your business. So instead going for that coffee with a friend, you just go back to your desk and start working.

5. All your friends envy you and want to have your job. That’s probably because most people hate what they do and they think you have this perfect setup where you hardly do anything the whole day. Friends say: “At least you don’t have to sit in the traffic!” or “I have to attend all these useless meetings, you are so lucky”. You really do not want to trade your job for my last three days that I worked 16 hours a day to complete this newsletter!.

small-business-women-laptopFor all the entrepreneurs out there, keep fighting the good fight. We’re all doing things we love and enjoy, and that’s what matters. I may not be building the next Microsoft, but I am humbled that I make a difference, I am thrilled that I control my own destiny and I know the harder I work, the more results I see.

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