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Naoto Matsumura, the last man from Fukushima

We are all about inspiring people and while we normally highlight Inspiring Women I thought I would change things up a bit and tell the story of an Inspiring Man in honor of the Japan Tsunami 4th year Anniversary. After I read his story I just had to share it with all of our amazing readers

The story I want to introduce to you today features the story of Mr Naoto Matsumura (Also known as Macchan) who lives and continues to fight by himself in Tomiokamachi with his two cats. He is known as “Naoto Matsumura, the last man from Fukushima”

Tomiokamachi is located 10km away from the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. After the day of the earthquake four years ago, Mr Marsumura is the only one who has stayed living in Tomiokamachi.

He used to feed the cats and dogs that were left behind after their owners escaped. Moreover he took custody of the cowers who were already waiting to be killed die to the loss of their market value. Had he not been around all the animals left in Tomiokamachi would have disappeared. From then on, he continued to live in the city to look after the animals all by himself.

Two years after the earthquake, two kitties, “Shiro” and “Sabi” became his family. All of the over 50 animals who live together with Macchan, which includes cows, dogs, ducks and cats who were originally owned by other humans.


We can say without a doubt that Macchan, who has been left to live by himself in Tomiokamachi  with the animals is truly a man to be admired for his courage and kindness.

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