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No Need To Travel Abroad . . . Discover Your Own Land!

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Trafalgar 611x133-bannerSo you find yourself always dreaming of that overseas trip, those exotic locations, the breathtaking scenery, the novel experience. Take a step back from that elusive dream for a minute and realise that you can have all of the above right here at a fraction of the cost.
While not denying all the excitement and experiences that overseas travel affords, if you have to cut your cloth according to your means, you can still come up with the holiday of a lifetime in your own country.

We delve into the pros of local travel as well as to why local can be lekker!

So what are the pros?

1.    The costs of travel are less
2.    No visa is required (or the cost involved)
3.    No need to learn a new language
4.    Discover your own country
5.    Supports local businesses and tourism
6.    No hassles or need for a passport or foreign exchange
7.    You embrace your culture and get a chance to interact on a “local level”, whereas travelling abroad can be more difficult to interact as you may not have a personal connection due to the different cultures.
8.    You get to learn about and enjoy your country’s cuisine
9.    You will be able to promote the places you visit, which again would increase support for the locals!

The beauty of local travel is it becomes a more personal experience.

Why is local lekker?

Well firstly because the majority of what you find overseas, we have right here on home soil. Here are some activities and ideas to research for your next local trip:
•    Theme parks
•    Casino’s
•    Spa’s
•    Luxury hotels
•    Camping
•    Wildlife reserves
•    Dams, lakes, rivers and waterfalls
•    Caves
•    Bungee jumping, rock climbing, sky diving, water sports, hiking etc
•    Zoo’s
•    Aquariums
•    Golf courses
•    Farms
•    Winelands
•    Museums and historic sights
•    Local malls and restaurants
•    Different modes of transport such as trains, buses and boats
•    Entertainment and nightlife (live bands, theatrical plays, clubs and vibey restaurants)
•    Sports events

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or you enjoy a hot stone massage, there is something for everyone to partake in. Not only that, but you may even save a few bucks here and there

So browse the internet for any of these activities, plan that trip you’ve always wanted and have the added bonus of exploring your roots.

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