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Why the Online Marketplace Is Perfect for Women in Business

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People are getting connected all over the world – with more than 3 billion people roaming around in the great online, it would be a shame to not reach out to them. Read on to learn the main reasons to why the online marketplace is perfect for women in business:

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Being a Minority in the Business World

The simple fact that humans exist in two different forms, either male or female, makes it inevitable that one of the two must be a minority. This fact is not shocking at all – it is the enormous difference in numbers that makes our eyes pop.

According to Catalyst, there was 4.6 % of women in CEO positions of the S&P 500 – an American stock market index. Although this percentage has certainly been improving over the years, there is still much to be done.


Why Does This Matter?

Because, as a women trying to make it to the top, you know that you’ll be lonely. The world will hopefully keep turning in the right direction, and we can look forward to these numbers improving over the years – yet, teaching an old dog new tricks is a slow process.

In this article, we touch the surface of why men tend to get promoted or offered position more often than women. It has more to do with the art of networking than the stereotypical situation of straight up discrimination. Men, dominating the field of business and leadership positions, have a tendency to network with each other – whilst women try to have a network equally represented by each gender. Again, we take our hats off for the women.

The Convenience of an Online Society

This is where your online persona comes in. Ten years ago, networking and marketing would happen through different channels. Although the world was already online back then, the rapidly expanding world of social media was merely an infant. Today, almost half of the online population is also present on Facebook. With the success of Mark Zuckerberg, we saw the rise of our social media age – and your business belongs there as well.

Fine, I am Online – What Now?

The online marketplace is the perfect place to be for a female business owner. In fact, it might even be the next flagship for a marketplace which is dominated by women.

Your presence on a social media platform will help you build credibility. The tone is more conversational, the conversations are informal and your potential customers will see you as available to help.

First of all, start by telling the potential customers your story. Don’t be afraid of becoming a bit personal; people will perceive you as more credible if you share your stories of failure as well as your success.

Next, keep building relationships through your online marketplace. Since your average male business owner will keep networking with other males during those networking events, you might as well take them by surprise when they’re online. With a growing network online, your business will also be growing.

The structure of power in business is avoidable if you know the rules of the game. Rather than being frustrated over men still being the majority of business owners, keep in mind that the changes are approaching us with baby steps. The offline world might move slowly but the online world is still fresh as a newborn – and the online marketplace is the perfect place for women in business to conquer.

Written by Marte Klausen


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