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How to Avoid Paying for Your Kids Forever 

avoid paying for kids

This may seem like your fate, given the tough economy for young adults, but you don’t have to write a blank check. These strategies will help you launch your kids on the path to independence without risking your own financial security.

Family ticket

Like millions of parents with adult children who in one way or another remain on the family ticket, you also may be trapped between wanting to soften your child’s entry into the real world and making their own financial security the top priority. In what feels like a blink, an era of extended child dependency has taken root across the country. Psychologists have a name for it: emerging adulthood, a new and possibly permanent life phase squeezed between the teen years and, say, 28 or 30. Who cares what you call it, though? Most parents with one eye on retirement just want to know: Will we be paying for our kids forever?

Help your children make more money than you!

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