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Perfect Packing for your Spring Break

Going away during spring, is always a bit challenging as one do not always know what type of clothing to pack – do I pack for summer, winter or a combination of both?


The Chata Romano packing chart provide tips on how to pack your bag perfectly for various types of trips (business or leisure), duration (2 days, 1 week, or 3 weeks) and different seasons. It also eliminates the just-in-case scenario and ensures you wear at least 80% of what you pack.

Before you choose the first item of clothing remember:
•    Each item you pack should coordinate with at least three other items to ensure versatility (including the outfit you wear when traveling).
•    Ensure the colours, styles and fabrics coordinate well.
•    Pack more tops and less bottoms as people notice the top half of what you are wearing, not the bottom half.
•    More plains, fewer prints as it is easier to mix & match plains.

Items to pack for one week leisure trip during spring:

20 items = 60 different outfits

1 Casual coat – basic colour

4 Jackets
1 leather jacket – basic colour
1 casual jacket – basic colour
1 casual jacket – denim
1 windbreaker – basic colour

9 Tops
2 shirts – 1 plain, 1 print
1 blouse – plain
3 t-shirts – 2 plain, 1 print
3 pullovers / turtlenecks – plain

4 Bottoms
1 soft skirt – print
1 casual skirt – denim
1 casual pant – basic colour
1 jean – blue

2 Dresses
1 casual dress – basic colour
1 sundress – print

You can replace any item with one of your choice (e.g. pack another casual pant instead of a soft skirt)

2 belts, 2 bags, 1 pair of boots, 1 pair of flat shoes, 1 pair of sandals (all in basic colours).

The Chata Romano packing chart has 27 different packing capsules, making it the ideal planning tool for any leisure or business traveler. For more information on packing or to purchase your own packing chart for R190, kindly contact Willene Swart, Chata Romano Image Consultant on 082 451 1959

or willeneswart@ymail.com   www.chataromano.com

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