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What is Personal Development

Personal development

Ever hear the expression that “Education is the key to success”? Yes, it’s true. Imagine a world filled with uneducated women? Who says she can’t have it all, the beauty and the brains?

In the past women were deprived of getting an education and they accepted their role as being in the kitchen. Now things have changed and it is important for women all over the globe to grab the opportunities they are given.

Beauty won’t pay the bills
Beauty fades eventually and it can never pay the bills but brains can ensure that the bills are paid, always. Getting an education does not guarantee the perfect job but it does guarantee a lifetime insurance of knowledge. Knowledge gained is never a waste. Woman have been known for ‘sleeping their way to the top’ and the stigma has stuck threw the ages. Education erases such thinking as woman move up in the world daily through hard work and dedication.

A smart woman is an attractive woman
An educated woman is a breath of fresh air when she walks into a room. She has the power to capture an audience without conducting a show. Her speech carries weight and her criticism is subtle and constructive. She does not brag about her knowledge, she is humble – it is absolutely natural for her.

Reading exercises the brain
Not everyone enjoys reading but luckily there is something for everyone. Technology allows us to read up on topics that are of interest to us. So if you are not the novel type then there are plenty of online magazines out there ready just for you. Reading increases your knowledge even if it is about war or court cases, politics or the latest in fashion and celebrity gossip.

Education is not just School
There’s more to education than going to school. You could be the smartest of the bunch with a PhD, but it counts for nothing if you have not learnt the ways of life. Education is exploring and discovering the world for what it is, what it was and what it could be. It is a selfless contribution to you and to society. It is not being afraid to be informed and to be informed. It is about taking risks, formulating ideas and humbling yourself and sharing your knowledge. It is an exchange of ideas and possible impossibilities.

Sinesipho Mbandazayo

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