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How to Plan for a Fuss-Free Family Holiday

Family holiday

Preparing to go on a family holiday, especially with small children can make your head spin. You can’t plan for everything, but with a family you need to be as prepared as possible. Holidaying with the little ones can run smoothly if you prepare this way:.

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Part 1: Preparing to go on holiday

Lists should become your best friend – start thinking ahead and jot down things as you think of them (don’t rely on your memory as us busy moms have too much to think of). Start by organising your lists into these categories:


Have a list for each family member. Each member should have the very own suitcase. Take only what you need (less is definitely more in this instance, as there are less things to go missing!). Don’t forget to take some washing powder to hand wash clothes if you are staying in self catering accommodation.



As space while traveling is limited, take only the essentials for the first night you are there as well as for the first morning (e.g.bread , cereal, milk sugar, tea, snacks, sunlight dishwashing liquid and a cloth for washing up unless the venue provides). You don’t want to be looking for these provisions after a long journey and paying exorbitant prices at convenience stores for them. Plan a grocery shopping trip the next day when you are all settled at your destination.


For the road: hungry kids do not make pleasant traveling companions, have a supply of suitable snacks (definately include healthy options as you don’t want the kids hanging from the roof before you get there ) such as julienne carrots, cheese cubes, apple slices, peanuts, raisins , plain biscuits (maries biscuits) bottled water and juice (with lids to avoid spills in the car).


Body wash, toothpaste, toothbrush, extra toilet roll, razors for the adults grooming, and don’t forget SUNSCREEN (if applicable to your destination). Keep a box of tissues and wet wipes on hand in the car.


Board games, playing cards, magazines and books for the car trip. Don’t forget the simpler things such as playing “I spy with my little eye”…

First aid kit

Include remedies for allergies, tummy bugs, antacids (for overeating), pain relievers, plasters, bandages, alcohol wipes for minor wounds (alcohol wipes act as fire starters too!!)

Can’t do without items

Plug adaptors (label them, so you know which ones are yours), torch, cell chargers (including car charger) and flotation devices for swimming.


Take your kids special blankets and toys that they can’t live without. Have a map book or invest in a navigation system, however most smart phones have GPS, so make use of it on such trips.

“Quick tips”

  • Keep your list on the fridge with a fridge magnet so that it doesn’t get misplaced.
  • Pull out the luggage a week ahead and start putting items in as you go along.
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