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Which woman can afford a portfolio! No seriously, do stop and think, when last have you done just that?

It’s silly season in just a month and a half, the world will be on the road to somewhere and some won’t ever reach their destination. This is a fact not a myth. Have you made sure that your will is up to date, do the right people know where to look for it?

Have you checked that you have the correct beneficiaries on your policies? Have you upgraded the products on your policies? This does not necessarily mean increase the premium or the cover but rather get the latest version of cover…

Do you know whether or not you would like to upgrade your medical aid and if so, have you told your financial advisor? The cut-off for allowing an upgrade is in December, if you don’t do it before then, you will not be allowed to upgrade in January.

These are small factors that will have a huge impact on your life or the life of your loved-ones if you do not attend to it. Remember everyone says ‘that won’t happen to me’… So if everyone is saying it, then who is it happening to?

Be prepared! If you have not got a financial advisor to assist you with any of above, you are welcome to contact us. Let’s work together to protect what is most important to you!

If you would like to know more e-mail me on tanja@tutela.co.za with your contact details and Portfolio in the subject line.    www.tutela.co.za  0861 112 797

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