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10 Powerful Career Strategies for Women

career strategies

10. Become a free agent

career strategies

In a 1998 joint study by Catalyst and the National Foundation for Women Business Owners women business owners cited four major reasons for leaving the private sector: lack of flexibility (51 percent); glass ceiling (29 percent); unhappiness with work environment (28 percent) and feeling unchallenged in their jobs (22 percent).

No matter what women’s reasons corporate America’s loss is apparently women’s gain since women-owned businesses are being created at twice the rate of all businesses. Companies cannot afford to lose a generation of women leaders. In today’s world talent is the primary source of competitive advantage. Even with the current wave of layoffs the generation shift from Baby Boomers to the much smaller 35- to 44-year-old age group will leave us with a drought of seasoned talent

But until corporations wise up or until women start using their growing educational advantage entrepreneurship can be an excellent option for the woman who seeks career success but isn’t finding it within organizational boundaries.

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