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10 Powerful Career Strategies for Women

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8. Self-promote

career strategies

Once you’ve shored up your confidence you need to make sure others know how terrific you are. “In today’s workplace” Caitlin Williams writes” one of your keys to success is your ability to let others know who you are what you have to offer and how you can make a difference in their organization.”

Self-promotion is not easy for women. Many women are uncomfortable with self-promotion because it flies in the face of society’s message that a woman is the support person who is supposed to put other needs ahead of her own. But women need to toot their own horns because they can’t depend on others to do it for them.

Make sure people within and outside your workplace know about your accomplishments. Submit news of accomplishments to your company newsletter and local newspaper. Let your boss know what you’re up to. One professional we know sends out a monthly email to his boss and his boss’s boss to keep them updated on his progress on various projects — and to share any accomplishments and accolades from the previous month. Promote yourself as an expert on one or more topics and volunteer to speak to local organizations.


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