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Putting on make-up is normally something most women do hundreds of times in her life.  But, like with all routines, the process can become monotonous and we find ourselves stuck doing the same thing.

Maybe on a special occasion, such as a party or wedding, we try something different, but most of the time, we wear the same simple make-up styles day after day.

Some of us lack the confidence to apply our own make up and we even hide behind the ” I have no time” excuse. We sometimes find ourselves in cosmetic stores, spending a fortune… but the challenge is that once we leave the professionals in the store, we can’t create the same look when we stand in front of the mirror at home. So we simply give up.

I believe every woman deserves the time to make sure she is ready for her day.  This could be a time when we stop for a few minutes, ground ourselves, compliment ourselves and with a few simple techniques enhance our daily look.

Because all that we require is:

Knowledge: Knowing our skin, deciding what is our preferred look is and what is the correct type of product to use is.

Technique: We apply foundation to cover imperfections and give the illusion of having a smoother skin texture. Make up assessor, Zani Griebenow, recommends that each woman take the time to understand her skin type and knows her correct foundation type and shade before entering a cosmetic store.

With “corrective make up” we play with darker and lighter colours to strive for the perfect oval face shape, bring out our cheekbones and hide our imperfections.
We can accentuate our eyes by choosing the correct eyeshadow style for our eye shape.

Inspiration: Make up is colour and for me this represents joy, starting your morning this way could only be a good thing.

So where do I gain knowledge, pick up the skills and get inspired?  At mist off course!

Our make up workshops are an introduction to the basic skills of applying your own make-up with hints and tips for making the most of your best features. You will learn the key techniques for creating up-to-date looks for the day and evening that suit your face shape and skin tone. The tutor will demonstrate the looks on a model and you will recreate this look on yourself. This workshop is hands on and will show you all you need to know to have the confidence to create these looks at home, anytime. The tutor will also offer suggestions on how to update your make-up bag.

Please look at our online brochure for the make up workshop with our spring inspirational prices.

Talita Rademeyer    www.mist-make-up.co.za

Thought for the day: For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others, for beautiful lives speak only words of kindness and for poise, walk in the knowledge that you are never alone”   Audrey Hepburn

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