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Raw Asparagus Salad with Parmesan

Eating vegetables raw is a modern development in Italy, and it is becoming more popular.  In many restaurants you see dishes named Carpaccio of this or that.

I don’t like this much, as Carpaccio, for me, is so much associated with beef, but I am certainly not against eating some vegetables raw.  This is a useful dish for accompanying fish or meat, or served as an antipasti.  Like the Courgette, asparagus is a very seasonal vegetable and in Italy they truly do eat it only during its short early summer season.  One local variety is the famous asparagus of Bassano, which is white – because it has been earthed up, never seeing the light of day – and is extremely tender.


Serves 4

350g asparagus

50ml aged balsamic vinegar or juice of 1 lemon

3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

Salt and freshly ground black pepper

80g Parmesan, freshly shaved

Cut off the asparagus tips and set aside.  Trim the remaining stems, peeling and discarding all the stringy parts.  Cut the trimmed stems into fine julienne matchsticks, and arrange, with the whole tips, on a platter.  Dress with vinegar or lemon juice, olive oil and salt and pepper to taste.  Sprinkle the Parmesan shavings on top and serve.

© Two greedy Italians; Antonio Carluccio & Gennaro Contaldo; Quadrille publishing

Citrus-marinated rabbit with black olives and thyme

Serves 4

This is a simple-to-prepare country dish, with wonderful fresh ingredients.  The infusion of citrus fruits and fresh thyme and the saltiness of the olives marry well with the rabbit’s delicate flesh.  Serve with some good country bread and a crunchy salad of fennel, or with polenta concia.  If you prefer, you can replace the rabbit with good quality organic chicken.

Juice and grated zest of ½ orange

Juice and grated zest of ½ lemon

7 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

½ garlic clove, finely chopped

4 sprigs of thyme

1 rabbit, about 1kg, cut into pieces

2 shallots, finely chopped

50ml white wine

Salt and freshly ground black pepper

80g pitted black olives

a little vegetable stock, if necessary

In a bowl, combine the orange juice and zest, lemon juice and zest, 4 tablespoons of the olive oil, garlic and thyme in a bowl.  Pour this over the rabbit pieces and leave to marinate for 45 minutes.

Heat the remaining olive oil in a large frying pan, add the shallots and sweat until softened.  Remove the rabbit pieces from the marinade (ensuring you reserve it) add to the pan and seal well on all sides.  Pour in the wine and cook, stirring, until it evaporates.  Lower the heat; pour in the marinade and season with salt and pepper.  Cover with a lid and cook gently for 15 minutes.  Add the olives and cook for a further 15 minutes, until the rabbit is tender.  Stir from time to time, checking that there is enough moisture; if necessary add a little vegetable stock.  Remove from the heat, check the seasoning and serve immediately.

© Two greedy Italians; Antonio Carluccio & Gennaro Contaldo; Quadrille publishing

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