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Reasons Why Men Look at Your Breasts

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Societal Pressures

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Breasts are everywhere these days. They are in magazines, movies and even used to advertise everything from food to cleaning products. You could argue that one reason why men might be so boob obsessed is because of how society encourages them to do so. However, you could say that because they’re so exposed that men should be somewhat desensitized and less interested?

Some researchers have conducted studies looking into whether or not it’s evolutionary. The theory goes that women with slimmer waists and larger breasts have higher levels of oestrogen which suggests that they are more fertile.

According to Charles Darwin we select partners based on this criterion. Although this isn’t our top priority, this instinct still remains. Simply put, men stare because they are looking to see if you’re an adequate life partner. This type of study didn’t go very far and most researchers opted for other conclusions.


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