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How to Keep Your Relationship Out of Social Networks

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These days, just with a click of a button a person can find out the most intimate details about you. Information such as: “What’s your relationship status?” is available on your online profile. How do you prevent this?

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Online presence

Although there are security settings available to protect your online presence, there are a select few who have access to your Facebook, Twitter and other social network profiles. With so much visibility to your personal life, dating and relationships are continuously scrutinised.There are social networks that give you the option of tagging (link a fellow user in a post, photo, status etc.) your partner on your relationship status and this way people know exactly who you are dating.

There is nothing wrong with this in general however, when you are still in the dating stages of your life and not sure about the future with you current partner then this might be tricky. You find that you are either “in a relationship”, “it’s complicated” or “single”.  This way, people form opinions about you and your relationships are aired for your Facebook “friends” to see.


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