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Relationship Truths Every Woman Should Know

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We live in a world where society has set an impossible standard for everything. Before we even get into a relationship, we already are scared of a thousand things because we’ve seen something in some movie, we already have our bar set too high because of something someone told us, or because of what society tries to portray as “perfect”. What’s important in life is to grow at your own pace, to learn at your own speed and to expect at a humane level. Here are nine relationship truths every woman should know.

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Nothing is “forever”

There is no such thing in this world that lasts forever, love is one of those things. Nothing is rock-solid, even the strongest of foundations become weak in time. You need to understand and prepare yourself for the worst, anything can happen at any given time. People lose their lives, people die of starvation, and we cry about not being loved enough by someone. What’s important here is to love yourself as much as you can and find complete happiness in that state, and then move on to a relationship. If and when you come out of that relationship, you’ll still be stronger than ever and won’t be crying about it even after months.

Unlock the enchantress in you

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