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Required documents to lodge a divorce claim at the GEPF

Which documents must be submitted in support of the application for divorce payment?

The GPAA requires the following documents to be submitted.  Failure to submit the necessary documents, properly certified, will delay payment:

  • Original completed Choice Form
  • Original certified copy of your ID
  • An original certified copy your final divorce order and settlement agreement
  • Original certified proof of your SARS registration
  • If your Divorce Order stipulates you are entitled to a percentage “from date of marriage until divorce”, you need to attach an original certified copy of your marriage certificate

All non-member spouses must register with SARS.  If a non-member spouse, therefore, does not have a tax number, he or she must first go to a SARS office and obtain a tax number.

What happens if the non-member spouse has passed away before a claim was submitted?

If the non-member spouse has passed away, the GPAA requires a letter of executorship, the estate late bank account details in the name of the non-member spouse (must be on a Z894 GEPF bank form) and certified ID copies of the non-member spouse and the executor, as well as the tax number of the non-member spouse.

How long will it take for the non-member to be paid the portion of the pension interest?

According to legislation, the GEPF has 60 days to pay from receiving the choice form and all other relevant documentation.

It is impossible to provide specific time frames for payment.  The GEPF has 60 days to pay the non-member spouse from the date of receipt of the duly completed choice form. Payment may take as long as 60 days from said date and GEPF must pay interest for every day that payment is late.  If a payment has exceeded the 60 day period, GEPF will automatically add the necessary interest.  If GEPF is provided with incorrect information, or all the necessary documents are not attached, payment will be delayed.

Interest is calculated for every day over sixty days at compound interest, repo plus 3 per annum for every day over sixty days.




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