Rocking in Red


For the romantic souls, February is sentimentally associated with love. The retail mayhem of hearts, roses, cards and chocolate designs inspired by St Valentine, might not be for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you have to ignore its existence.

Celebrate the month by loving and spoiling just one woman – YOU – by incorporating this month’s best loved colour – RED – into your wardrobe and lifestyle. Herewith some ways of wearing RED:

Exfoliate your lips often (a recyclable toothbrush will do) and apply a lip balm to keep them well conditioned.  A little foundation can be used as a primer before applying your favourite rouge lip liner all over your mouth ensuring that lip colour will last longer. Apply your red lipstick in the same shade as the lip pencil, blotting between layers. Nothing wrong with having kissable lips – just in case…

Red at the beach is not just reserved for life guards. Be ready to become a bombshell  in a classic one piece or bikini in this month’s most popular colour. If you want to slim your hips, avoid a very full bottom, go for a high-cut bottom to create the illusion of longer, leaner legs. You want to place focus on at the top half of your body, so look for beautiful detail or a lighter colour top.

A red dress oozes confidence and every wardrobe should have one. The length is determined by your height and proportions. A knee-length works great if you have good calves and slim ankles. The mid calf length should not end in the middle of your calf, which is the widest point of your lower leg, but at the end of your calf muscle to ensure a slim look. A full length is reserved for the tall only, unless you need to cover full ankles.

Polka dots is such a classic print, it never goes out of style. Smaller dots are good for a smart, business-like look, whilst the larger dots seem youthful and fun. Invest in a red dotted bikini, scarf, blouse, shoe, dress – any item your heart desires.

No, we don’t mean setting fire to your hair, but adding warm shades of red hair colour can frame your face very nicely and lift your skin tone. Shades like Copper Blonde, Flame Red, Aubergine, Bordeaux and Terracotta can be used as highlights or as a base hair colour. Consult a Chata Romano Colour Chart to discover your best red tone.

Worldly and eye-catching, wedges are hot this season and can be worn by anyone; it just depends on what you wear it with. If you have beautiful legs (knees, calves and ankles) you can wear a wedge shoe with a dress, pant or skirt. If you have very thin or very full legs (especially your knees, calves and ankles) wear wedge shoes with pants. Choose two more accessories such as a handbag and a necklace in the same red shade as your wedges to stylishly complete your outfit.

Printed or patterned materials are a great way to incorporate colour into a wardrobe. Try and keep to a 40% print 60% plain ratio as a red, gold and brown print blouse might be beautiful, but a plain red blouse will mix and match easier with the rest of your wardrobe.

One way of showcasing your nails this season is to file them into perfect curves. Tips should be longer and more feminine, allowing for a luscious red coating or some fabulous nail art. Be careful of not filing into sharp points, you want the shape to look natural.

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Copy provided by WILLENE SWART, Chata Romano Ambassador and Senior Image Consultant. Willene can be contacted on 082 451 195 or via email

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