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How to Save Money While You Lose Weight

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The takeaway restaurant is quickly replacing the kitchen as the source of our meals, and lunch has taken the biggest hit. But the burger and fries you buy for lunch do more than sip your afternoon energy, they can also drain your wallet. Now is the time to make a resolution to improve your physical health as well as your fiscal fitness with these simple changes.

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Save money and calories

In fact, it’s easier than you might think to cut your lunch costs in half while cutting calories by up to 75%. With lunch prices averaging between R 40 and R 60, it’s easy to spend as much as R 300 a week and R 1 300 a month—per person. Ditching the combo meals and packing your own lunch not only cuts your food costs in half, it can cut your calories by up to 75%. Here are some quick and easy ideas that are sure to satisfy.


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