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Selena Gomez on That Justin Bieber Talk

The star caught emotions as she mentioned that; she didn’t think she was doing anything bad by falling in love with the Bieber boy.
The star aged 23 has commented about her love for Justin Bieber who is aged 21.

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The couple has been on magazine covers, radio talk shows and whatever you can think of. Love has been on and off the air for this couple as there were a number of break ups and make ups.


Selena expressed how she has always felt pressure being a dating teen on the spotlight. She solemnly expressed herself by saying that she felt “destroyed “by the attention. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been on and off for 3 years. Their relationship was constantly on the media and she admits that the publicity has put their relationship under pressure and now it looks like the star is blaming the media for their breakup.

The 23 years old star said that she is really enjoying single life – a few fans don’t think so but time will reveal all things.

Written by Petunia Sibuyi

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