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Seven Reasons Why Speed Kills

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Speeding has long been known to be a major contributor to many road accidents. While road users know that driving too fast can lead to accidents, many will still ignore speed limits and most road rules in general.

Drivers that speed on national roads have many reasons for doing so; maybe you have found yourself speeding for any of these reasons as well. Explanations such as: needing to get to a destination on time, feeling the type of road they were on permitted it. Good weather and traffic conditions allowed for speeding, the type of car they drove, feeling pressure from fellow road users. Being held accountable and being responsible for other people’s arrival or collection to and from a certain location are just a short list of reasons why people exceed speed limits on the road.

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Now that we know people’s many causes for driving too fast, we should look at the many factors as to why speeding is regarded as a cause for approximately one-third of all fatal crashes.

• Speeding reduces the amount of time you may need to avoid a potential crash or to stop your car.

• Speeding prolongs the distance you will travel in your car while making it harder or the driver to respond and react to a dangerous situation.

• Speeding lessens the ability of the driver to steer safely around bends or objects that may occur on the road.

• Speeding mostly will increase the possibility of crashing into another car, pedestrians, animals, or other objects near or on the road itself.

• The faster the speed travelled will greatly increases the severity of an accident when it happens.

• The elevated risk of an accident due to high speed places a larger strain on tyres and brakes, which might lead to the increased risk of failure.

• Safety devices effectiveness such as air bags and safety belts are usually compromised at high speeds.

Just looking at how speeding affects so many aspects of our driving safety, the need to obey speed limits should be more of a priority for drivers and not merely an option for them.
Remember speed does kill, so slow down a little you will get to your destination in time.

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