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Sex Talk Do’s and Don’ts for Parents

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Parents are the most critical people in a child’s life and affect their sexual development. The sex talk should be an ongoing dialogue throughout the child’s life, helping them make sense of their feelings. Dr. Phil and Dr. John Chirban, author of How to Talk with Your Kids about Sex, give the following tips:

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Sex Talk Dos

  • Do stay relaxed
  • Do express your feelings and hear your child’s feelings about your talk
  • Do have child explain what he/she has learned/knows about sex
  • Do empower child with accurate information
  • Do listen
  • Do explain sexual choices, feelings and actions
  • Do provide loving, caring interactions (tickle, hug, kiss)
  • Do support body exploration, especially during hygiene and toilet training
  • Do monitor social exposure and models — from TV to personal contacts




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