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Sex Things Your Mom Never Told You

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Fact two: almost any woman can climax


Practically any woman should be able to have orgasms – and perhaps multiple orgasms – if she really wants to.

Back in your mum’s day, sex was still quite a taboo subject and talking about orgasms was even more taboo. Even as late as the early 1990s, it was widely felt among middle-aged women that for a ‘lady’ to want orgasms, wasn’t quite ‘nice’. And for her to want multiple orgasms, was a bit outrageous.

Furthermore, when your Mum was young, many so-called ‘experts’ suggested that multiple orgasms were almost impossible for most females. However, we now know that virtually any woman can have an orgasm – if her clitoris is stimulated long enough and expertly enough (and of course provided that she’s in the right mood) and that further intense stimulation after the first orgasm will usually produce another.. and another… and another…

We’re not saying that you can achieve all this overnight, but if you stimulate your own clitoris for long enough over a period of time, you’re quite likely to eventually achieve as many orgasms as you like. Clearly, you can also have multiple orgasms if you have a partner – male or female – who is devoted to giving you pleasure.


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