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Does Your Sexual Style Match with Your Partner?

sexual styles

sexual style

You emotional needs

Look at your emotional needs because they affect your sexual relationship as well. What sexual baggage did you bring to the relationship? For example, if sex defined previous relationships that failed, you may be reluctant to get too sexually active in a new relationship. Look at your history and learn from it.

Don’t use sex for the wrong reasons, and burden it or load it up with too much meaning. For example, it shouldn’t be a way to validate your partner. It should be an extension of the caring, feeling and respect you have for the other person.

What kind of excuses are you making? If it’s that your daughter is going to walk in, “put a cowbell on her,” says Dr. Phil. It’s OK to lock the door and tell your kids not to disturb Mom and Dad. Remember that quality, not quantity, is the most important factor.


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