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Sexy Ways to Get Your Man in the Mood

get man in mood

Sometimes you’re aroused and in the mood when your man just isn’t feeling it. Here’s how to rev his engine when he’s obviously not in the mood. This is a fairly rare phenomenon in my world—but it does happen every now and then, and can be extremely frustrating if you’re looking for a good time. Occasionally, your man just won’t be in the mood to get frisky.

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1. Help him relax

get man in the mood

When your man isn’t in the mood, it can be because he’s just stressed out! Help him relax a little bit by pouring him a drink, making him some dinner, and even putting on his favorite show. Ask him if there’s anything he would like right then and do it for him. He will soon feel relaxed and much more willing to do whatever you want him to!



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