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Share your fantasies


Talking about your fantasies with your partner is a very beneficial form of sex play. It increases communication with your partner, which is of great importance, it also helps you get to know each other better for better sex.

Yes, you may be surprised by what he comes out with, but this works both ways. Keep it light at first and don’t throw him in the deep end with fantasies about people you both know or reveal fetishes you aren’t sure about. Sit back with a glass of wine and keep your clothes on — for now.

Fantasy play can also be incorporated into a game for better sex. Use your imagination, and keep it sexy. Take it in turns and see where it leads you.

It’s hard enough to talk about sex when you’re in the middle of making love. Instead, discuss positions you’d like to try, things you like, things you don’t like, while you’re in a relaxed setting to take any judgment out of the conversation.

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