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How to Shop Once, Cook Once and Eat Clean for an Entire Week

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Knowing that we will be busy, stressed out, and short for time, how do we still manage to fuel our bodies with the nutrients we need to function at our best? Two words: Meal prep. In fact, anyone can do it and we’re going to show you how in five simple steps.
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Step One: Make a meal plan

This is probably the most crucial part. Getting your meal plan right takes a bit of brainpower, but it is a fun puzzle to put together. We recommend planning your meals five days at a time, usually Monday to Friday. Map them out in a chart or table then stick it on the fridge. Since you will be cooking everything at once, try to choose recipes that use a variety of cooking methods like the slow cooker, stove top, oven, and raw.

When selecting recipes, choose recipes that:

  • are simple and quick. Minimal ingredients and minimal steps. Choose recipes that take 30 minutes or less, otherwise you will be in the kitchen all day.
  • make you excited to eat clean.
  • are freezer friendly.
  • make multiple servings so you can eat them multiple times throughout the week (and maybe even the next week).

Here’s a sample of what a meal plan might look like for the workweek:

photo 1 - meal plan example .png

As you can see, we kept the snacks super simple so that youcan divide them into snack-sized baggies as part of your prep. We focused on just two breakfast recipes, which do not require cooking and can be prepared in advance. We are making a no-bake chickpea salad, a crockpot recipe, a simple skillet dish, and an oven baked recipe, which all prepare enough for 4 servings. Any leftovers, you can freeze and add to your meal plan for next week.


Step Two: Gather storage containers

You won’t get very far with meal prep if you don’t have the correct food storage containers! So look at your plan and figure out what you will need to pack everything to-go style. Think different sized mason jars, Tupperware containers, and Ziplock baggies. Crazy Stores are affordable and always have a good selection of food storage solutions.

Step Three: Grocery shop

Now that you have your meal plan decided, you can make your grocery list. We recommend dividing your list into these categories (so you can breeze through the store in no time):

  • Fruits
  • Veggies
  • Meats, fish, bread and cheese
  • Nuts, seeds and spices
  • Condiments and oils
  • Cold
  • Frozen

I organize my lists this way because this is how most grocery stores are set up. So when I walk in, I’ll hit the fruits and veggies first and work my way through, ending in the freezer section.

Step Four: Meal prep and storage

Now for the fun part. Meal prep! Make sure you have storage containers with lids handy and place them on a clean table. Grab a coffee (or maybe a glass of wine), turn on some music or your favorite podcast and let’s get to it!

Start with the recipes that take the longest time to make. Once you have them going, move onto another. Leave the easier recipes until the end. For example, get your crockpot recipe started first, pop the lasagna into the oven, and then move onto the stove top recipe while the others cook to be efficient.

Divide recipes into storage containers as you go and once everything has cooled, pop on the lids and store in the most appropriate place—usually the fridge, freezer, or pantry. You can set reminders in your calendar for the nights you need to thaw things out for the next day.

Step Five: Eat clean and feel awesome!

There you have it! Shop once, cook once, and eat clean for the entire week. Yes, it takes a bit of extra work up front but trust me, it is so worth it. Meal prep will save you a ton of time, money, and keep you on track throughout the week. When you start doing this week after week, it will eventually become ingrained in your lifestyle—and that’s the best part!

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