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Simple Tips for Maintaining A Social Life


Is it possible to achieve a fulfilling, flourishing social life with the busy demands of work, family and personal time? Yes! But the reality for us is that we are a busy society and we battle to find the time to fit everything in.

Without us even realising it, you could be alienating yourself from your friends or family.

Do you find yourself being the last one to know what’s happening in a friend’s life at a specific time? Can you remember your friends’ new boyfriends’ name? Or maybe your phone has been a bit quieter than usual. These are all easy indicators of neglect in a friendship.

Friendship is an important factor to your happiness, and by neglecting this area in our lives,  it can cause ourselves great upset and isolation.

What occupies our time? This could be anything. Whatever takes time up in your day, family, cooking, work, children, cleaning, etc.

Admit your busy schedule Once you have acknowledged that you have a busy schedule, start to plan your days better. Make time for all aspects of daily life.

Tell your friends about your situation, and let them know that you are not avoiding them, and that you will schedule time every week to see at least one of them. Even if it is for 30 minutes to grab a quick coffee. Fit it in!

Honest communication is respected by your peers, and they will almost always understand.

Alternatively find people with similar schedules and meet up with them.

Friendship doesn’t magically happen overnight Friendship is hard work.  It requires  time, effort, communication, nurturing  and reliability.

These are qualities people look at, as well as whether you are benefiting their time, or wasting it.

If you make plans with a friend, avoid calling to reschedule because this shows that you can be flaky. If unavoidable, take the initiative to set a new date which suits you both. This shows them your interest in seeing them. Yay! Brownie points!

Use Social Media It takes a few seconds (depending on your internet speed ), to send a message or to write a wallpost.

Writing something like “This made me think of you” and attaching a joke, picture or funny clip, shows a general interest in your friends life and activities.

Social media keeps you up to date in what’s happening in their lives, without always having to be there.

This is perfect for when we have had a majorly busy week, where we have had no time to schedule in a friend. You can do damage control by writing a quick post on their wall. Don’t let this be all the contact you do though, as an online friendship is only as good as your internet connection.

Don’t underestimate the power of technology. Although it has isolated us to an extent, it still has helped keep us connected.

Find a balance that works for you. This will be different for each of us.

The 4 most important factors are friends, family, work and “me” time. We need to balance these in order to achieve a productive day. It is up to you to find a balance that works, where all aspects of your life are running harmoniously.

Remember… All friendships are different. Some friendships require more work than others. Be able to identify the different needs, however if it is not a beneficial relationship where you are both contributing, don’t be scared to let go. There are plenty of people out there for you.

Megan Mc Kinlay

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