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10 Skin Sins You Must Avoid

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If you think you may be following a good skin care routine, but you see no improvement in your skin quality, you may be comitting one of or more of these skin sins. If you want beautiful skin read on to see what 10 skin sins you must avoid.

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1. Picking at Your Skin

It’s always tempting, but it is one of the worst skin sins you can commit. Constantly touching your face mean you are transferring dirt to your face and that will further aggravate the skin which can result in more breakouts. You need to leave your skin alone. Don’t pop or constantly feel tor pimples and blackheads. Give your skin a chance to heal on its own and help it with gentle treatment.


2. Not Using Sunscreen

Now that summer is coming up, your skin needs sunscreen. In fact, you should be using sunscreen year round. Whenever you are exposed to the sun, you need to make sure that you apply sunscreen to your skin as this will prevent your skin from prematurely aging.

3. Over Exfoliating

Giving your face a good exfoliation is good for getting rid of excess oil and for a good deep cleanse, but over exfoliating can damage your skin in the long run. Be sure to not be too vigorous on your face when washing, just use small circular movements to help boost circulation for your skin rather than scrubbing it.

4. Wearing Makeup To Bed

This is such an obvious skin sin that so many commit regularly. It’s just bad practice and you know it. Sleeping with makeup clogs your pores and that will make your skin breakout. Even if you have been out till late, use face wipes to get your makeup off before going to sleep.

5. Dirty Makeup Brushes

Dirty makeup brushes not only affect your application, but it affects your skin health too.

6. Poor Sleep

If you are not getting enough sleep you are robbing your body the necessary time it needs to go through various biological process that are required for optimum health. You also can’t look good if you just look really worn out and tired.

7. Lack Of Exercise

Exercise has plenty of benefits besides keeping your body looking good. Regular exercise helps with toning and tightening your skin and it alleviates stress.

8. Smoking

Smoking is a skin sin because it robs your body of oxygen which will speed up the aging process. Overall, smoking is just a bad habit that you should try to kick if you are a frequent smoker. Good luck, it will be hard initially, but your skin and general health will be greatly improved.

9. Bad Diet

For many people, a bad diet will unfortunately show its effects on the skin. Eating junk like high fat and sugary foods are not good for your body and many of these junk foods can affect the condition of your skin. Also, drinking too much alcohol can be detrimental to your skin’s health, so be sure to get your diet healthy. A well balanced diet is not just beneficial for your body, but you will see results in how your skin looks too!

10. Using Products Not For Your Skin Type

If you are not sure of what type of skin you may have, visit a dermatologist to get an expert analysis of what type of skin you have. A dermatologist is a great way to get proper help, especially if you have problem skin. Oftentimes people will try and test a variety of products which could be damaging to the skin. Once you are aware of what your skin type is, use products that compliment your skin and commit to your regime to see if it works or not. If a product you use gives you side effects, discontinue use immediately.

Having glowing skin is achievable – you just need to be aware of what skin sins you might be committing that might be giving you a bad complexion. Hopefully with these 10 tips, you will be on your way to gorgeous skin at any age!

Written by Busi Nhlapo

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