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Good Reasons Not to Smack Your Children

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A new law has being drafted in South Africa to stop parents smacking their children. This is extremely good news for us not only in taking a step closer to democracy, but in combating the violence that is crippling our country. Here are some compelling reasons not to hit your child:

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Research proof

Research continues to show that countries such as Norway, where smacking has been illegal for many years already, have the lowest delinquency rates in the world.  In order to be a true democracy, the rights of all South Africans have to be honoured, and this includes children, who are also people. It is illegal to smack an adult in South Africa, yet we still smack children?

Children live what they see and copy the adults around them, so if they see adults being abusive and disrespectful, they will mirror this behaviour, perpetuating the cycle of violence. It is vital, that as adults we are the kind of role models for our youth that we would have wanted as children, whether we are parents or not. Choose to be a leader in your home and community by pledging to STOP smacking and using corporal punishment on our children.

There is NEVER a good reason to smack a child and while many adults argue that they have turned out fine despite being smacked as children, studies suggest that while this may sometimes be the case, generally smacking has a negative effect on a child, and it is not worth putting your child at risk.


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