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So You Think You Know How to Wash Your Face?

Believe it or not, there is actually a proper way to wash your face and by following these four steps, you will receive the correct techniques on how to wash your face. If you had to go and take a quick peek into your bathroom cabinet, you, like so many women, would find an array of face washes and cleansers.

We spend loads of money purchasing products that promise clean and clear skin and while the results may be “scientifically approved”, they are more often than not, never as advertised.

The problem may not be the products themselves but maybe the technique in which you wash your face. It may seem like an obvious and easy thing to do, but so many of us have become slack in our face washing routines.

But, before we get into that, here is what you need to know about washing your face. The main goal you want to achieve when washing your face is to remove dirt, makeup, and excess oils from your face. You also want to make sure that you occasionally get rid of dead skin cells by exfoliating.

While washing your face, you want to effectively do so in a massage-like manner. By doing this, you will stimulate the lymph system and allow your face to receive some good blood circulation and oxygen. Lastly, you need to make sure that you are using a face wash that is best suited to your skin type or find a natural alternative. Be sure to avoid using bar soaps, as they are notorious for drying out the skin.   Here are the 4 steps in how to wash your face properly.

• Step 1: Begin first by washing your hands clean. You want your hands to be dirt and germ free and you do not want any gunk landing up on your face. Follow that by removing all makeup.

• Step 2: With warm water, wet your whole face then with a mild cleanser, put a reasonable amount onto fingertips and begin to massage it into your skin. Do this for approximately 30 seconds in small and smooth circular motions.

• Step 3: Next, rinse your face off as well as your neck, and hairline. Do so with a dry and clean muslin (not necessary if not available) or face cloth.

• Step 4: Finally, finish off by splashing your face with cool water to close your pores and gently pat dry your face with a clean towel. Once you have completed this process, go on to apply toner, topical creams and a good moisturiser.

See, it is that simple, the first step to achieve healthy skin is to wash your face in a proper and thoughtful manner.

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