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Stop Your Child’s Defiant Behaviour for Good

child defiant behaviour

A defiant child is a challenge for any parent and when left unattended, these small instances of resistance can turn into a serious behavioural problem later on in life. It is important to teach your children that every action has a reaction, whether positive or negative. We show you how to keep the end goal in mind with these five principles on how to do it:

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Be consequent

First things first, you can’t expect your children to be compliant if they don’t know what your expectations are so establish ground rules with them. Let them know what they may and may not do and make it clear to them that there will be consequences if they throw temper tantrums or demonstrate defiant behaviour. Remember that holding your children accountable won’t result in constant obedience but it will mean that once you have set the limits, you can provide a consequence when necessary. Consistency is key when it comes to being consequent.



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