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8 Daily Struggles Only Clumsy Girls Understand

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We try to look our best, talk our best and walk with grace. Until we spill the coffee and stumble in our words – or in our own legs. The daily struggles only clumsy girls understand are infinite, but luckily we are not alone. This article is here to unite us all, so embrace your clumsy charm and read on.

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1. The daily dread of make-up

“Oh, did you color a black line in your hair? That is very original.” No, actually it is just my blonde hair, my mascara and my clumsiness not getting along. Your white smile staring back at you from the mirror is more often than not spoiled by lipstick-teeth. We clumsy girls recognize this and will always tell each other discreetly. Hopefully the rest of you will also let us know – discreetly, please!

2. The struggle with all white clothes, always

In a clumsy girl’s life, picking out a white top for the warm summer day means that chocolate ice cream will soon cover most of it. It is like stains are drawn to it; dare to look away and something else will spill on it without your knowledge. The white shorts should also be left at home, for sooner or later you will find yourself sitting on the grass and realising what just happened. Check out this article on how to make your clumsy days a bit easier.

3. The knocking-over of any glass in your way

It seems like your friends actually taught themselves to keep a steady hand on their drink. It could be before you get up to use the toilet, while getting excited about a conversation – really, at any time. They have learned from experience, and you are grateful about it. For our non-clumsy friends, we are so sorry about that time you got a drink in your lap. Actually, we are sorry about all those times.

4. The straight up refusals of eating in someone’s car

It was probably the tomato sauce slowly dripping out of your burger that one time that did it. Perhaps it was that time when you promised to eat your ice cream nicely. It could be any of those times; the truth is that you have not been allowed to eat in someone’s car since primary school. And when you look around at the mess in your own car, you sort of understand why.

5. The daily suspicions of being in an abusive relationship

You are in fact in an abusive relationship, just not with your partner. Rather the chair, the glass door or sometimes even with your own hands. There have been occasions when you actually showed up with bruises which cannot be explained. Perhaps it was that stair you walked into earlier or could it be that you are now even clumsy in your sleep?

6. The waiting for a manicure to dry but still ruining it

So many times have you had a manicure ruined by your clumsiness, but this time it will be different. This time you will sit and wait at least fifteen minutes, not touching anything. Yes, not touching anything, just sitting and staring at the ringing phone far down in your bag . . . and there it’s ruined.

7. The struggle of keeping expensive sunglasses

Last time you bought yourself a pair, you swore it would be your last one. Then you sat on them and now you need to deal with these cheap ones – but they are not really good for your eyes. So you buy yet another expensive pair, which gets stolen of course. Most likely, you lost them with your clumsiness but who won’t admit to that. This is why we can never have any nice things.

8. The daily coordination problems

To walk next to someone in the street demands a bit of concentration. As odd as it might seem for all of you non-clumsy girls; our lack of coordination might cause accidents. You think you walk forwards, but in fact it is more like forwards and slightly left at the same time. Your killer dance moves must only be shown off if people give you some space, and alcohol certainly makes the problem worse. Needless to say, but gracefulness is not for us.

It would in fact be a disaster if all of us clumsy girls united. Just imagine the endless traffic accidents, clumsy injuries and bones that might be broken. Learn from these 8 daily struggles only clumsy girls understand and pity our marks and bruises, but watch out for any sudden movements!

Written by Marte Klausen

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