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Add Style To Your Home on a Budget

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There is something about a personalized space that can help anyone unwind after a long day’s work, and if you can design it in a way that cheers you up, even better. Styling your home can cost you too much of your hard earned money, but it doesn’t have to – class is more than cash! Here are a few tips on how to make your space your own whilst still living within your means:

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Paint an accent wall

Paint can be expensive, but you can add a spark of your favourite colour to a room by painting a single wall. Besides being cheaper, the other benefit of this is that you can choose any colour without it making the room dark, as the other walls will balance out the light. To learn how to choose your accent wall, see the following tips:


There are various classy ways to repurpose items that are either unused or not usually considered as part of your décor. That plant that is drying out on the wall in the garden can become an inside plant that serves as a centerpiece on your coffee table, and your yellow fruits can look great on the table next to your yellow curtains. Display your pastas, grains and spices in glass jars – anything can be decorative if you do it right, and it will cost you little to nothing to take advantage of this.


This might require some DIY from you, but there are stylish ways to upcycle in your home, and it is a practice that is both cost-effective and good for the environment. Save simple items such as glass bottles, wine corks or even that old washing drum to create chandeliers, lampshades, cork boards and many other interesting, stylish additions to your home.

Visit your family

Vintage items such as old photographs, plates, tins, typewriters, window frames, jewelry, silverware, maps, and even the old lace dresses you wore as a kid can be clustered together on the wall to make a beautiful vintage wall display.

Time tested tailoring

The problem with going along with the fad of the moment is that you end up owning décor that went out of season two months after it came in. It’s more cost effective – and less effort – to either define a long term style of your own, or go for classic looks that never go out of style.

Feeling happy and content in your beautiful space does not have to break the bank. These tips will not only help you to create a home you love for less, but will also challenge you creatively – you’ll be even more proud of the final result.

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