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7 Tips for Success in Your Organization

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One of the greatest challenges any woman can face in an organisation is “keeping up”. Staying abreast of the latest wisdom, information, techniques and opinions of various experts can consume tremendous amounts of time that the modern employee simply doesn’t have. Sometimes . . . well, most of the time actually, it isn’t about new wisdom. It’s about what prevails, what is fundamental. The following seven items are quick lessons, time tested and true, that can help you succeed in your organization.

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1. Focus on what is really important

This one sounds like a no-brainer, but how many of us actually walk the talk here? In the end, every organization must do everything fairly well, but we can’t excel at everything all at once. We know, intuitively, some things are more important than others. Logically as well we are aware we’ve only got so much time and money.

Nevertheless, how many times do we demand our staff members simultaneously provide outstanding customer service, breathtaking cost efficiency, and lightening creativity all while managing the day-to-day with that same excellence? Too many blinking buttons, not enough time to press them all.

Conquering this one is pretty straight forward: make a list! Note your priorities, and attack them one at a time. Some short term losses may occur as one priority takes precedent, however this is acceptable if we’re to be realistic.



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