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How Sugar is Holding You Back at Work


We already know that sugar isn’t the best thing for us, but can it really hold us back at work? Yes! Addiction has been shown to lead to poor employee performance in the work place, whether that addiction is to smoking, alcohol or even sugar.

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Sugar increases our stress levels

We already know that when we are stressed, our body releases adrenaline and cortisol to help prepare our bodies for an attack or an escape. So, what does this have to do with sugar? The same hormones used for stress are called into action when one’s blood sugar is low. On the upside, these hormones will raise our blood sugar and provide us with a quick energy boost, but on the downside they will make us feel anxious, short-tempered and unstable.

Sugar interferes with our immune function

Sugar is an immune response suppressor. Sugar depletes our bodies of vitamins and minerals because our bodies require nutrients to metabolise it. Not only does sugar interfere with our immune function, but it also leads to insulin resistance, promotes bodily inflammation and a series of other negatives.

Sugar affects our brain power

There has been alarming evidence that suggests that sugar may affect the rate at which our brains age. Consuming excess sugar is linked to deficiencies in memory as well as ones overall cognitive health. Research shows that a diet high in sugar reduces the production of an extremely important brain chemical known as brain derived neurotrophic factor. Without this chemical, our brains cannot form new memories and we cannot learn or remember much.

Sugar affects our blood glucose levels

If our blood sugar levels are unstable, this will to lead fatigue, mood swings, headaches, and cravings for more sugar. The cravings are what are dangerous, as they set the cycle of addiction. It has been said that those who avoid sugar feel a great deal more balanced and energised than those who don’t.

Sugar is a problem for us in general, but especially at work. Will the taste of chocolates be worth the anxiety, irritability, and shakiness? Will the taste of sweets be worth the infections and illness? Will the taste of cool drinks be worth the deficiency in cognitive health? Will the taste of cookies be worth the fatigue, mood swings and headaches?

Whitney Johnson “My month of no sugar gave me a glimpse of how I could beat my biggest competition.”

Can you afford to give up an advantage at work over your love for sugar?

Written by Sarah Kantor

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